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周热词 | 抗美援朝70周年、第三季度GDP、双11提前开启、熊群伤人事件...


1. “中国人民志愿军抗美援朝出国作战70周年”纪念章

2. 第三季度GDP同比增长4.9%

3. 新修订《未成年人保护法》

4. 双十一购物节将刺激消费

5. 动物园工作人员遭熊群攻击身亡





memorial medal marking the 70th anniversary of the CPV army entering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the war


Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) army veterans who fought in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea (1950-1953) have been granted memorial medals as China marks the 70th anniversary of the CPV army entering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the war.



The medals were presented to living veterans and other personnel in the name of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission.



Bearing the image of a CPV soldier and featuring various elements including a dove and five-pointed stars, the medal symbolizes the fact that the great War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea is a war of justice fought to safeguard peace and resist aggression, and the fact that the great spirit demonstrated in the war will always be invaluable wealth of the Chinese people. The medal also demonstrates China's firm determination and confidence in defying its enemies, safeguarding world peace, and building a community with a shared future for humanity.






veteran /ˈvetərən/  n. 老兵;老手;富有经验的人;老运动员 adj. 经验丰富的;老兵的

War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea  抗美援朝

defy /dɪˈfaɪ/  vt. 藐视;公然反抗;挑衅;使落空 n. 挑战;对抗

build a community with a shared future for humanity  构建人类命运共同体





China's GDP grows 4.9% in Q3


China's economy grew by 4.9 percent year-on-year in the third quarter of the year, versus 3.2 percent in the second one, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday.



The country's GDP growth reached 0.7 percent year-on-year over the first three quarters of this year, turning positive from negative 1.6 percent in the first half, the NBS said.



The Chinese economy posted a continuous recovery in the first nine months and achieved significant results in coordinating development with epidemic prevention. The NBS, however, noted that external uncertainties and the risk of epidemic resurgence domestically remain. "The economy is still in the process of recovery, and the foundation for sustained recovery needs to be consolidated," the bureau said in a statement.



(英文来源:China Daily)



year-on-year  adj. 与上年同期数字相比的

National Bureau of Statistics  国家统计局

resurgence  n. 复活;再现;再起

consolidate  vt. 巩固,使固定;联合  vi. 巩固,加强





the amendment to the Law on Protection of Minors

The amendment to the Law on Protection of Minors was adopted by China's top legislature on Saturday, as a new move to strongly safeguard people under the age of 18 by rule of law.



The amended Law on Protection of Minors has almost twice as many clauses as the old version of the law and includes a new chapter on internet protection in a bid to protect those under the age of 18 when they are online.



The amended law was passed at the closing ceremony of the bimonthly session of National People's Congress, the country's top legislative body, and it will become effective on June 1, 2021.



(英文来源:China Daily)



legislature /ˈledʒɪslətʃə(r)/  n. 立法机关;立法机构

in a bid to  为了…

closing ceremony  闭幕式





11.11 gala to boost spending

E-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Co's ambitious plan to spur online shopping via Singles Day will help boost consumer spending in the country, experts said.



Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is roping in 250,000 brands to offer perks and discounts on some 14 million products for its upcoming Nov 11 Shopping Festival, an event it expects will drive the largest consumption splurge in China since the COVID-19 outbreak.



By spending some 2 billion yuan ($299 million) worth of digital coupons through virtual gameplays, the e-commerce giant is looking to attract at least 800 million users to place orders during the extravaganza, according to Jiang Fan, president of Taobao and Tmall, the online marketplaces owned by Alibaba.



"This year's Tmall Nov 11 event is the biggest certainty in the midst of uncertainties, and we are leading global consumption growth," he said during a news conference in Shanghai.



Entering its 12th year, this year's edition has for the first time added a new sales window from Nov 1 to Nov 3 on top of the traditional 24-hour sales period that falls on Nov 11.



(英文来源:China Daily)



spur /spɜː(r)/  n. 马刺;鞭策;山嘴;(公路或铁路的)支线;骨刺 v. 用踢马刺驱马前进;激励;促进;紧贴主干剪短(副梢)

perk  n. (工资外的)补贴;(非正式)额外收入;特殊待遇;渗滤式咖啡壶 v. 振作起来;(咖啡)滤煮;昂首 adj. 活跃的,活泼的

splurge /splɜːdʒ/  vi. 挥霍;卖弄 n. 挥霍;炫耀 vt. 挥霍;夸耀

extravaganza /ɪkˌstrævəˈɡænzə/  n. 狂妄的言行;内容狂妄的作品;铺张华丽的表演

marketplace  n. 市场;集贸市场





Zoo worker killed by bears

Shanghai Wild Animal Park said that a worker at the park died Saturday after being attacked by bears in the wild animal area.



The worker was in the area to do his job, according to the public notice on the zoo's official website dated Sunday.



The wild animal area was closed immediately after the incident occurred; the zoo did not say when it would reopen.



The zoo said in the notice that it grieved over the death of the worker, an animal breeder, and apologized for any uneasy feelings visitors might have experienced.



"We'll learn a tough lesson from the tragedy and further strengthen safety management in all aspects," the zoo said.



(英文来源:China Daily)



grieve  vi. 悲痛,哀悼  vt. 使悲伤,使苦恼

breeder  n. 饲养员;繁殖者;起因;增殖反应堆

uneasy  adj. 不舒服的;心神不安的;不稳定的

further strengthen  进一步加强


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